the personal development diaries | Lisa O'Connor

Meet Lisa, founder of A Radiant Life, podcast host of Glow Deep, and all around beacon of light in this world. Lisa works with clients, holding space for intuitive healing of body, mind, and soul. On her platforms she shares openly about her healing journey, and generously guides her community around what it means to live a truly radiant life. Lisa is such a beautiful soul. I love connecting with and learning from her, and hope you enjoy the insights she shares.

What might people already know about who you are (the extrinsic you)?

That I’m a deep human! I don’t do surface well, because I just really, really care, and always want to get to the bottom of things. (I’m triple Scorpio, I was born to go deep and not get scared :) )

What is something that people might not know about you (the intrinsic you)?

On that note, I’m actually extremely goofy, and light hearted. I’m a very simple human.

What does personal development mean to you?

It means the connection of body, mind, and soul. I don’t see the Self existing outside the soul, so it’s not so much about developing myself personally or professionally, but coming back home to my soul Self. I believe when we tap into our soul power, we can literally do and be anything our heart desires.

What has your personal development journey looked like?

Long, beautiful, wild, impactful, fearful, full of love, healing, and everything in between. I got very physically ill in 2006, and then finally got diagnosed with “Lyme Disease” (in quotes, as I don’t like to live with and by *any*labels) in 2012, and it’s now 2020. So it’s been an almost fourteen year journey now, and I wouldn’t take any of it back. I wouldn’t really call it a personal development journey, but a healing journey back to my true Self, purpose, and calling. For me things don’t happen “just because”, I see synchronicity in everything, and I flow with it, instead of against. I believe when we force, or resist the healing that is meant for us, we only block ourselves from the true gifts waiting for us.

What are some of the most impactful tools you've found?

  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Tapping (EFT)
  • Kundalini
  • My spiritual practice
  • Mantras / music
  • Dancing to music and laughing, crying, letting go...
  • Nutrition as medicine - as a clear body, is a clear mind (*I don’t believe in one diet for all, but an intuitive way of eating for each soul! No labels, or judgement)

Transformational moments?

  • My mothers passing at a young age, allowed me to see my strength, inner power, and deep love for others
  • Moving to South Africa, and then being brave enough to walk away when I knew the relationship, and life wouldn’t serve my highest good
  • Meeting my now Husband back in 2013, and getting married to him in 2018
  • Getting diagnosed with “Lyme” which lead me on my path to deeper healing, and my purpose
  • Studying Nutrition
  • Starting bee venom therapy
  • Living in Africa for four years
  • Moving to New York
  • Moving to Toronto
  • A temazcal ceremony (such a wild experience!)
  • Working with so many beautiful healers throughout the years….

SO many more moments, as my soul asked for a Wild ride, so it’s what I got!

Experiences that have helped you along the way?

  • My relationships with beautiful humans
  • Cultivating a deep love for Self, sans ego
  • Learning to say no, and not feel guilty
  • Recognizing, and cultivating my power, and vitality
  • Being 100% cool with choosing a life “outside the box”
  • Letting go of shame for being a massive introvert
  • Surrendering everyday
  • Instilling LOVE into everything… everything. I believe love can transform, heal, and transfigure anything on this planet - It’s the highest frequency known to man

Favourite rituals?

  • Morning meditation and kundalini sadhana
  • Long hot / cold showers
  • Walks in nature with Jacob
  • Reading in bed
  • Massaging my face with oil
  • …. So many 

To me I try to just live simply, joyfully, and in peace.

I allow rituals to flow into my daily life, in every moment, as I see beauty in everything, even washing the dishes can be a ritual for me when listening to a mantra. Sounds cheesy, but healing deeply on a physical and emotional level, surrendering to my truth, and letting go allowed me to see the beauty and power in everything. This might seem zen and out of reach, but I choose to practice it daily! It doesn’t always happen, but I set the intention for it. While I believe things come naturally, I equally believe we have to practice.

Life lesson?

To be kind.

Words to live by?

The world will only see you, as you see yourself.

If you want to learn more about Lisa's offerings, you can check out her website, or join her Instagram community. Also, be sure to check out Lisa's podcast, Glow Deep.