the personal development diaries | Mary Young

Meet Mary Young! Mary is an inspiring, warm, real, and raw entrepreneur. She started her namesake loungewear line Mary Young in 2014, with a desire to fill the gap in the intimates market and empower women with different body types. Mary has since created the Self Love Club movement, a community opening up dialogue around self-love and acceptance. 

What might people already know about who you are (the extrinsic you)?

Actually a lot! I’m the founder of MARY YOUNG – an ethical brand offering women’s intimates and more that inspire and ignite self-love and acceptance. Aside from the physical product both the brand and myself focus on honesty and vulnerability to create community – I’ve shared a lot about my personal life and journey.

What is something that people might not know about you (the intrinsic you)?

I’m an introvert; though I love people and meeting new people, I need lots of time alone to recharge and take care of myself. The simple things in life bring me the greatest joy – listening to the birds sing in the morning, the sun on my face and the soft hug of my mattress at the end of the day.

What does personal development mean to you?

Always taking life’s twists and turns to grow, change and evolve. Using the hardships as launching pads to learn, not only about yourself but the world around you, so that you can continue to grow.

What has your personal development journey looked like?

Having honest conversations with yourself. I speak to myself in the third person often – for me this a way to approach myself as someone else would, ask those hard questions and peel back those layers. Personal development can be in many different areas, from mental to relationships to physical aspects. It’s important to know where you want to go in life, in these areas and to reflect on your journey – even when you feel like you aren’t growing, if you look back you’ll see what you’ve accomplished.

What are some of the most impactful tools you've found?

I set goals for myself as I struggle to achieve things without a finish line so to say. I often have 3 month, 6 month and 12 month goals. These help me stay on track and hold myself accountable for the growth I’m seeking. Using meditation to give yourself space to rest – and meditation often looks different for many people. I find meditation in going for a run or painting my nails. Sometimes you have to move your body to let your mind rest.

Transformational moments?

Far too many to count – all so beneficial in different ways. Sometimes they can be as simple as a conversation with a customer about self-love and how they are loving themselves. These conversations fill my heart and keep me on track for the ‘why’ of what I do every day. Others can be more personal, the loss of a loved one leaving me feeling like there is no hope and from there learning to open up, lean on others and find strength within I never knew I had.

Experiences that have helped you along the way?

For me challenges often push me to grow – I’ve always been stubborn (hopefully in a good way) and when someone tells me no or that I can’t, I use that as fuel to prove I can. As a female entrepreneur I face daily roadblocks that I am constantly powering through and tearing down. Opening up and being vulnerable has also helped tremendously. Realizing we all face insecurities, challenges and struggles has helped me feel less alone in this world and strengthened all of my relationships with friends and family.

Favourite rituals?

Making a good breakfast – often on weekends but still a focus on weekdays. Reading during my commute. Enjoying a matcha latte while I work. Listing what I’m grateful for before bed.

Life lesson?

Compartmentalize. Break things down into bit sized chunks – schedule your day by time slots to accomplish what needs to be done.

Words to live by?

This too shall pass. Soak up the good and know the bad times will end.

Check on Mary's incredible loungewear line here (her backless bodysuits and the Carter set are my personal favs), or connect with Mary and join her community on Instagram