the personal development diaries | Morgan Lunn

Meet Morgan Lunn, founder of GIRL GANG GOODIES, and creator of the incredible GGG community. If you haven't tried one of Morgan's "knock-you-naked" cookies, please treat yourself. You will not regret it. This personal development story is raw, real, and open - just like Morgan. Morgan is a one-of-a-kind woman, inspiring and hilarious entrepreneur, and one of the hardest working people I've ever met. Caveat: while I may be biased, as Morgan is one of my very best friends, I know that she is an inspiration to so many others. I'm honoured to feature Morgan on the #personaldevelopmentdiaries. Hope you enjoy! 

What might people already know about who you are (the extrinsic you)?

Oh… the physical obvious, that I am short and blonde. And I’m “that cookie girl”! I am the founder of GIRL GANG GOODIES! GGG is an online cookie delivery service here in Toronto. We deliver GOODIES right to your door, office, or your best friend – it’s that easy. I’m born & raised on the west coast and absolutely relish any time I have a chance to go back.

What is something that people might not know about you (the intrinsic you)?

I’m really funny – SNL where you at?! On a real note, I am this bizarre combo of shy and rebellious. I am an extroverted introvert: I love people, but it doesn’t give me energy – this honey needs to recharge after social stimulation! When I was younger, I used to pull a lot of pranks and have always had a spite for authority – I was very familiar with detention in middle school. What that looks like now? I have a high-risk tolerance and I’ve chosen to be an entrepreneur. I am shy, and sarcastic, which in a first impression comes across as cold and sharp, but trust - I am as sweet as the GOODIES I bake.

In my circle, friends come to me for advice, for to someone to listen, and for a boost-me-up pep-talk. I act as a personal cheerleader and will build you back up, and that is one of my favourite roles to play in life. I am very sensitive to people’s emotions, and emotional energy, and love to be there to comfort and support. In my personal life, I really invest in my relationships. This is my greenhouse, and I will water and nurture those relationships like an exotic house plant. They are a net that has been permanently cast for me, one that I feel will always catch me, and I them.

I am fiercely independent; sometimes to a fault – I really struggle to ask for help. That has manifested recently as I’ve experienced burn-out, rather than use all of the resources in my network. Self-care and knowing when to ask for help is a major area of improvement that I am working on.

Replaceability is a deep fear I have, and how this plays out as an adult is a fierce competitiveness with myself. I think this has a lot to do with growing up and being competitive at a high level in single-person sports (gymnastics, swimming, triathlon). I am extremely driven. Fun fact, I once qualified for Worlds in Olympic distance triathlon. I have never been motivated to out-compete or be better than
someone else – what drives me is to out compete myself, push myself to be my best, prove myself against odds and make myself irreplaceable.

What does personal development mean to you?

The best investment you will ever make, is in yourself. Get curious, and learn about yourself. What drives you? What makes you happy? What brings you down? What drains you? How do you truly restore yourself? Personal development is also not a destination for me. It’s not a worksheet you complete, walk away from, and say “I’m developed”. It’s a practice, it’s an investment, and it’s a lifelong journey. I also think it can be as rich as you choose to make it.

What has your personal development journey looked like?

It has looked different at every stage of my life, but I would say the common thread I constantly seek is finding balance and proving myself against odds. Moving across the country for school, was all about figuring out who I was, who I want to be, and what I don’t want to be. The kind of friend, daughter, family member I want to be. Out of school, I went straight into corporate roles at big brands, and eventually transitioned to being an entrepreneur.

I went from roles that were consuming during the week, to one that is all-consuming 24/7. I’ve focused on maintaining good mental hygiene, and trying to actively practice self-reflection. No matter what, there is always a lesson to be learned. This journey is far from over! I really am interested in learning about conflict resolution, and how to be a strong communicator in conflict and negotiation – my next endeavour in coursework will be in that area!

What are some of the most impactful tools you've found?

I believe we are who we surround ourselves with, so choose wisely. I have an incredible personal girl gang who inspire and challenge me. They truly bring me joy. I think it’s important for everyone, no matter what your life path, to build your own board of directors – people who will advise you and have your best interests at heart, but ultimately allow you the freedom to make your own choices. Mine is made up of family, a mentor, and a few friends who help to guide me. I love to seek advice for decisions and talk things out. I was given the advice early on in my entrepreneurial journey that no one is going to believe in you more than yourself – and you have to believe it like your life depends on it, because your brand will. I tackle this on a daily basis with positive self-talk. Sometimes it’s as ridiculous as looking in the mirror and saying it aloud - I try to catch thoughts of self-doubt and snuff them out early. Finding the worthwhile lessons from situations that go sideways is another practice I’m working on. These things take time to implement!

My dad has been practicing transcendental meditation (T.M) since the mid-70’s and three years ago he introduced me to it during a really pivotal time in my life – and it has changed my life. I practice twice a day 20 minutes at a time. I’m also learning more about breathwork.

Goal setting. I think about what is that castle in the sky of what I what to achieve, and work back from that – what behaviours need to change or be enhanced to make that happen. I have learned lately that release is a powerful thing, and that it can look different for everyone, even different depending on the day. For me it’s movement – whether it’s physical exercise (Pilates, running, spin etc.) or movement of thoughts running in your mind (therapy, talking to someone you trust). I rely on this heavily to keep me in balance.

Transformational moments?

So many, every year. Two broad picture ones have been moving away from home, and a personal experience. Moving away from Vancouver to go to university in Ontario, and living abroad briefly really helped me grow up. I am very privileged to have had this opportunity afforded to me. When you are far from home, you learn to how to work through challenging times and become independent pretty quick. Audre Lorde said, “you become strong by doing things you need to be strong for.”

In 2017, my boyfriend had a life-changing injury (he is ok, and recovered). For about a year after, I was in a really dark place and emotionally burnt out. Experiencing that with him and growing through that experience brought into perspective very quickly what is most important in life.

A few salient thoughts are of course: health is your wealth, paramount to everything else. You get one life, how are you going to live it? Ultimately you have to do what makes you happy. I really dismantled my attachment to living a life that looks good, and “looks like the right path” to living a life that feels good. That, has been liberating.

Favourite rituals?

Coffee. I mean wherever I am: home, traveling, in the kitchen at 4am. Taking a moment or whatever time I have to do nothing else but enjoy it while drinking it. TM. I am a huge skincare junkie, so I love learning about skincare and working on my personal routine. Gratitude journal. Move my body once a day. Talking to my parents and my 100-year-old grandpa regularly.

Life lesson?

You cannot change people or their actions, you only change how you choose to let them impact you.

Words to live by?

I cannot choose just one! I’m a libra.

These are my top 3:
Live a life you would want to re-live.
Your legacy is not what you do, but how you make people feel.
Live light, travel light, spread the light, be the light.

Check out Morgan's cookie brand GIRL GANG GOODIES (bias aside they are my favourite sweet treat of all time!), and join her uplifting community here.