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goal setting you can actually feel good about

Have you ever felt a distinct lack of satisfaction even after you achieved something you thought you wanted? Have you ever received that promotion, started that new job, or gone on a date with someone who had perfect partner potential and still felt…meh? Good news: you’re not alone.  Not feeling the sense of fulfilment, joy, or success we think we will after achieving a goal is more commonplace than you may think. In a society where goal setting feels like second nature, the “hustle” is glorified, and our worth is seemingly tied to our achievements, it can be easy to get caught up in the never-ending chase of goals. Before we dive into how to set goals we can actually feel...

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the fulfillment epidemic

Have you ever felt a lack of purpose or fulfillment in your daily life? Have you ever felt unsettled or uncertain about the future? Have you ever felt unsatisfied even after you achieved something you thought you wanted?  Do you ever feel like you're not living to your potential? If you answered yes to any of the above - you are not alone.  Age of opportunity  More so than any generation before, we have the ability to take control of our own lives. Anything is possible; you have the power to create your own reality. As exciting as this truth is, it can also lead to feelings of confusion and helplessness. With unlimited potential, where do you even start? Age of...

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