talk it out | charity coaching hotline

Are you facing a challenge in your life? Experiencing a difficult situation? Looking to overcome a hurdle?

Sign up for a 'talk it out' life coaching session with Taylor, founder of Elevate and Expand. This coaching hotline is an accessible and bite-sized opportunity to work with a coach, for a good cause! 

What to bring: a challenge you're currently facing and would like to discuss, and an open mind, and heart.

Coaching is all about holding space and connecting over our shared human experience. You are the expert, not me. I will not give you advice, but I will instead offer you space to be heard, and a possible shift in perspective, and some suggested tools and practices to help you move through the challenges of life. 

These sessions are on a 'sliding scale', starting at $30. All proceeds from these sessions will be donated to a local cause. To book a session, look for upcoming dates/times shared on my Instagram (@elevateandexpand) or message me for details.